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Chattaronga Safari

An African Safari always seemed like a fairytale to me. On September 30 2018 that fairytale became a reality for me. Not only was I going to Africa but I was taking my son with me.  I use Bowhunting Safari Consultants … Continue reading

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Illinois Trophy Bowhunters 

After six years of guiding I’ve decided to quit. Lots of people have asked me why and I’ve never really given anyone the real answer. That is until now. There probably isn’t just one reason but if I had to … Continue reading

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The Perfect Arrow 

I don’t know if there is a perfect arrow but I’m going to try to build my perfect arrow. I’ll be using Ashby’s guidelines. 10 keys to penetration 1. Structural integrity 2. Arrow flight 3. Ferrule to shaft ratio 4. … Continue reading

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Yukon Moose Hunt

A Yukon moose hunt has been something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I started hunting. I booked a hunt with Macmillan River Adventures for 2017 but when my booking agent Bowhunting Safari Consultants sent me an email about a cancellation for 2015 I … Continue reading

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Femur Bone Challenge

Here is a video of me shooting a 650 grain arrow tipped with a 200 grain single bevel broadhead.  For more details about my setup click My setup Here is a picture of the Monarch head after the shot.  I would … Continue reading

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Bare shaft tuning

Bare shaft tuning is one of the best methods of tuning in my opinion. The goal is to get a bare shaft to group with your fletched arrows. The theory is if everything is perfect (center shot, spine etc.) your … Continue reading

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Alaska Bowhunting Supply

Alaska Bowhunting Supply has some very valuable information.  Click the following links for more information.  Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors The Power of Momentum I used this information to build my arrows for a moose hunt in September. Here is … Continue reading

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