Femur Bone Challenge

Here is a video of me shooting a 650 grain arrow tipped with a 200 grain single bevel broadhead.  For more details about my setup click My setup

Here is a picture of the Monarch head after the shot.  I would like to note that the chips aren’t a flaw in my opinion. The heads have a 58 Rockwell hardness and should break before bending. This was not a green bone and is a lot harder. I tried to locate fresh bones but I could not find any.

And here it is after I re sharpened it.

As you can see that is one tough head. The shaft did not survive but I don’t think any shaft would survive an impact like that. However it did maintain enough integrity to make a complete pass through.

These can be purchased at tractor supply if anyone wants to try the femur bone challenge.


Here is a 360 grain arrow with a rage hypodermic. Everything on it was bent or broken. Head was laying on the ground in front of target. Complete failure. 


UPDATE 3/8/16

Here is the arrow build  Perfect arrow. Video will be posted soon. 

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2 Responses to Femur Bone Challenge

  1. ghillie suit says:

    Those are great arrows. I would love to have one of those. I have a couple of arrows I got from a local store and it wasn’t good quality. I just ordered one online and hope that it will arrive soon so I can use it with my ghillie suit in Alaska hunting trip next month.


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