Mathews No Cam

My wife recently bought me this bow. Yes I do have the best wife in the world. I haven’t shot it much due to all the bad weather but I’m very impressed with it so far. I loved my Z7 but so far this bow is even better. For my needs (hunting) it is the best bow on the market. If you’re looking for a speed bow this isn’t the bow for you. If you want the most accurate, quite, vibration free bow there is then this is the bow for you. For my accessories I’m using Sure Loc lethal weapon red with retina lock, B stinger hunter extreme stabilizer, Archer Extreme Vapor Hyperlite quiver, Easton carbon injexion arrows, Firenock lighted nocks, Strickland archery Helix broadheads 125 gr, Specialty Archery peep with verifier, and Carter chocolate lite release. I’ll be doing a more in depth review on these products as the year progresses.


UPDATE 8/12/15

After spending some time with the NO CAM I can say without a doubt this is the best bow I’ve ever owned. My setup has changed a little since my initial setup. The NO CAM is amazingly easy to tune. I’ve  had bows that were quite but this one is the most quite bow I’ve never heard. I will have to say my 650 grain arrow does contribute to it being quite and vibration free. 

 I exchanged the B-stinger stabilizers for a stokerized SS1. The B-stinger provided better balance but I felt it was to cumbersome for hunting. Especially considering most of my shots are 20 yards or less. 
This wouldn’t be a proper review without mentioning a negative. I have seen some bows that had the wrong cam spacers installed at the factory. This will cause cam lean and the Teflon protector on the cables will touch the cam. I’ve also noticed if you torque your bow enough the Teflon protector will rub the cam. Both issues are not caused by design issues but rather human error. Some people would also call the lack of speed a negative but in my opinion speed is highly over rated. In my list of important factors for a hunting bow speed doesn’t even make my list. If you’re into speed do not buy this bow. If you want a great hunting bow I would highly recommend the NO CAM. 

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2 Responses to Mathews No Cam

  1. Taylor lacey says:

    Did you get the hd ss1 or acrylic ? And also how do you like it


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