Ozonics update

I have come to the conclusion that Ozonics does not work. There is no arguing that ozone generators will kill scent. However in an open area like the woods it isn’t effective enough to make it worth $400. In fact I think it can make Deer wind you more often. Ozonics puts out a very strong smell and I think when Deer smell it they start trying to smell harder and they pick out your scent. There is no way to fool a Deer’s nose. I’m sure everyone has had Deer walk by downwind without spooking. I think this happens because a Deer isn’t trying to smell you. If something happens to put them on alert like a movement or sound their nose kicks into gear and if the wind is wrong they will smell you no matter what.
Bottom line is you have to hunt with the right wind and hope it doesn’t swirl at the wrong time. If that Deer isn’t on alert your chances are much better.

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