Most people think that a stabilizer is for reducing vibration and noise.  It can does help with vibration and noise but its true purpose is to help “stabilize” the bow.  It can also help balance the bow.  I have recently been trying an offset stabilizer called the “Stokerized SS1”.  So far it has proven to be very helpful especially at the release.  The bow will sit perfectly level after the release and not jump left or right.  This means it is also getting rid of torque.  If you have a sight and quiver on the right side of your bow you will have to push the top of the bow to the left to get your level right.  This translates into the shot when you release the arrow.  With the Stokerized stabilizer I can adjust it to offset the added weight and balance my bow.  Most companys try to market a stabilizer as a vibration and noise reducer but keep in minds its true purpose is to stabilize the bow.

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