Since nobody is paying me to endorse their product this will be totally different than anything you have heard in the past few years.  I personally prefer fixed blade heads and they must also be (COC) cut on contact.  Mechanical heads can and do fail.  You might shoot 100 deer without a failure but the next shot might be on a buck of a lifetime and it fails to open, you hit the shoulder and it doesn’t penetrate or it’s a steep angle and it glances off.  I have personally seen all of these things happen with a mechanical but never with a fixed blade head.  Mechanicals do have an advantage on gut shot deer.   Gut shot deer tend to die quicker when shot with mechanicals but people have a tendency to not wait long enough before tracking.  Tracking deer is another topic I will cover later.  Mechanicals are easier to tune.  This is mainly due to everyone’s obsession with speed and the lack of proper fletching.  That is two more topics that will be discussed later.  So why do I prefer fixed heads.

I never have to worry about the blades not opening or coming open in my quiver.  The blades can be sharpened by hand.  They will penetrate the shoulder blade of a full grown deer.  They will not glance off no matter what the angle is.  Cut on contact heads go through a deer so easy that a deer often doesn’t even know it has been shot.  I have seen deer continue feeding and never even look up until they suddenly get weak legged and fall over.

Now let me say this “any well placed broadhead will kill a deer”.  The key words here are “well placed”. Here is the main reason I don’t like mechanicals.  I constantly see people that want to use mechanicals as a crutch for poor shot placement.  They will often take shots that should be passed hoping the extra cutting diameter will hit something.  So whatever broadhead you choose to use please take high percentage shots.  Good Luck hunting

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3 Responses to Broadheads

  1. murphy says:

    If you shot mechanical or fixed heads I think that it should be upto the hunter himself not somebody who don t know his @$# from hole in the gound


    • You can shoot any broadhead you want Mr. Murphy. I’m merely giving my unbiased opinion of broadheads. If you want to believe the hype and use what the celebrities are paid to promote that is your choice. Good Luck Hunting


  2. Ernestina says:

    Theѕe are in fact wonderful іdeas in regarding blogging.
    You have touched some nіce factos here.Anү way keеp uup wrinting.


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